Halloween Havok

Between the existential pitch and yaw of the last half-year, I did manage to do some writing. Some of it even got published. I guess Halloween is as good a time as any to tell you about some of the things that, for whatever reason, are seeing the light of day. First up is a … Read moreHalloween Havok

Pessimism in the Age of COVID-19

Bill the pessimist gets through covid-19 with a tin foil hat

It’s the New Dark Age, folks. Grab your relics and stoat pelts, your Tiger King and moldy protein bars. It’s going to get pretty medieval.

Tonight, on A Very Special Episode of COVID-19 Quarantine…

Gen-X and Covid-19

These kids understand that whatever day-to-day we return to after this COVID-19 threat is gone will not be the normal we’ve known.

#ALONETOGETHER: A Week Inside The Transatlantic COVID-19 Shitshow

Two beers in Haarlem, the Netherlands

When you hear what this virus did to your loved ones, it will be a rib-breaking punch in the gut, a tooth-rattling smack across your smug face. But don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

Western Medicine is Broken

Western Medicine is BRoken: an MRI machine in a hospital

As the MRI machine tightens around me, I close my eyes in fear and remind myself that western medicine is broken.

A (Rejected) Postcard from Dublin

a rejected postcard from Dublin with old croghan man

He never did a hard day’s work in his life. Except, presumably, in the torture and the dying…

Dutch Comic-Con: Some Fan (Non) Fiction

Dutch Comic-Con 2019

One hungover father’s journey into the delightfully twisted world of Dutch Comic-Con.

Reinvent Your Way to a Headache

Reinvent your way to headache

Reinvent yourself? Well, If you can bang your head on one all for 20 years, why not just try another wall?

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Tire tracks on Bloemendaal beach in the Netherlands

Maybe it’s time to take my writing entirely offline and start wearing live animals as hats. It’s 50-50 at this point, and Pepper is terrified.

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