Halloween Havok

Halloween Havok

Between the existential pitch and yaw of the last half-year, I did manage to do some writing. Some of it even got published. I guess Halloween is as good a time as any to tell you about some of the things that, for whatever reason, are seeing the light of day. First up is a piece I wrote for Havok. It’s called “Strays” and you can find it here. (It will cost you a bit, but you’ll get access to all the fine short stories on the site.) It’s only 1,000 words, so it won’t take much of your time. It’s a ghost story meets mystery meets jaded cop kind of thing. If you like it, leave a rating or comment. Then they might consider it for their end-of-year anthology.

Most of what I’ve been working on would be lumped into the “horror” genre, I guess. There were “After Life,” and “The Dune Witch,” both for DBND Publishing. “Do Something Funny” got published by Scare Street. And “Testament” came out, fittingly, as part of Fatal Flaw magazine’s inaugural issue on dystopia. Two other stories will be out in the next few months, but I’ll tell you more about those when the time comes.

Ask me why I’m writing horror stories in a time when the world itself feels like one long horror story and the two-fold answer is simple: they pay and they’re publishing some of what I write. Those two qualities have been sorely lacking when it comes to other types of writing I’ve tried.

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