Western Medicine is Broken

Western Medicine is BRoken: an MRI machine in a hospital

As the MRI machine tightens around me, I close my eyes in fear and remind myself that western medicine is broken.

In Praise of “Competence!”

A word cloud related to competence

To my mind, competence has a workmanlike beauty to it bordering on craft.

Humility’s a Ponzi Scheme

This week: one ex-journalist’s quest to consider himself a quality human being, and expose the Ponzi scheme known as “humility.”

Indiana Interlude

I read the words, “Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.” They hit me like a hammer. I, too, wanted to get unstuck in time, and in place. Vonnegut inspired me to act on that. Plus, the drinking age is lower in so many other countries.

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