Dutch Comic-Con: Some Fan (Non) Fiction

Dutch Comic-Con 2019

One hungover father’s journey into the delightfully twisted world of Dutch Comic-Con.

Reinvent Your Way to a Headache

Reinvent your way to headache

Reinvent yourself? Well, If you can bang your head on one all for 20 years, why not just try another wall?

Halloween in Haarlem

St. Bavo Church, or Grote Kerk, in the Grote Markt, Haarlem, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

As Halloween approaches, take a brief tour of the darker corners of Haarlem’s history…

Three Scenes from the “Quiet Car”

This is a quiet car on a Dutch train

“I don’t know what ‘Stilte’ means, Jim, but I think I better go.”

The One Where the Neighbors Go “Full Trump”

A broken garden gnome and his giant mushroom

Our neighbors go “Full Trump” in an attempt to keep the cats (not ours) away from their birds.

The Only Thing to Fear…

a field of tulips in the netherlands

Slaughterhouse Sketch #3: Dangerous swings, “droppings,” and Americans fearing fear.

Nothing to Hide

This is a picture of a typical house along a canal in Haarlem

Slaughterhouse Sketch #2 features nosy neighbors, rooms full of clogs, and a possible kidnapping. Oh, and did I mention Cone Cat?

Just Call it Home

Post 1: In which I start to unpack Haarlem’s “Meatpacking District” whilst meeting two giant pigs and a goat named Gary

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