“We Should Not Be in the Business of Mere Deterrence”

“Simulated mouse yelling on mouse,” I read. This did not inspire confidence.

These Are Days

The great flattening of the world means you simply don’t feel as much. The medicated middle is very wide, and very deep.

The One Where the Neighbors Go “Full Trump”

A broken garden gnome and his giant mushroom

Our neighbors go “Full Trump” in an attempt to keep the cats (not ours) away from their birds.

“Life’s The Same, Except for My Shoes”

Beneath all the normalcy, there’s some nutty stuff going on, and if you don’t learn how to laugh about it, you’ll regret it.


This is our cat, Pepper

In which we welcome the newest member of the Boyd-Rumbley household…a wee lad named Pepper.

Humility’s a Ponzi Scheme

This week: one ex-journalist’s quest to consider himself a quality human being, and expose the Ponzi scheme known as “humility.”

“You Have No Events Scheduled Today”

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since I pushed the eject button on that 20 plus year career in radio journalism. I get asked a lot: don’t you miss it? Since it’s breakfast time here in Haarlem, let me answer it this way: I don’t miss the product, and I especially don’t miss the sausage-grinding it took to make it.


A remembrance of Ken Bader, a long-time colleague, exceptional editor, and one-of-a-kind human being.

Rear Window

Back in #Haarlem, things get a little too personal when I try to spy on the neighbors’ giant pet #rabbits

Indiana Interlude

I read the words, “Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.” They hit me like a hammer. I, too, wanted to get unstuck in time, and in place. Vonnegut inspired me to act on that. Plus, the drinking age is lower in so many other countries.

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