In Praise of “Competence!”

A word cloud related to competence

To my mind, competence has a workmanlike beauty to it bordering on craft.

Delicious Imperfections

a loaf of freshly baked bread in my kitchen

Your bread will never be perfect. But you’ll learn to accept the fact that even imperfect bread tastes pretty damn good.

“We Should Not Be in the Business of Mere Deterrence”

“Simulated mouse yelling on mouse,” I read. This did not inspire confidence.

The One Where the Neighbors Go “Full Trump”

A broken garden gnome and his giant mushroom

Our neighbors go “Full Trump” in an attempt to keep the cats (not ours) away from their birds.


This is our cat, Pepper

In which we welcome the newest member of the Boyd-Rumbley household…a wee lad named Pepper.

“You Have No Events Scheduled Today”

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since I pushed the eject button on that 20 plus year career in radio journalism. I get asked a lot: don’t you miss it? Since it’s breakfast time here in Haarlem, let me answer it this way: I don’t miss the product, and I especially don’t miss the sausage-grinding it took to make it.

Rear Window

Back in #Haarlem, things get a little too personal when I try to spy on the neighbors’ giant pet #rabbits

Slachthuisbuurt Surprise

In which a major plot twist is revealed, and the author’s world might never make sense again.

The Only Thing to Fear…

a field of tulips in the netherlands

Slaughterhouse Sketch #3: Dangerous swings, “droppings,” and Americans fearing fear.

Nothing to Hide

This is a picture of a typical house along a canal in Haarlem

Slaughterhouse Sketch #2 features nosy neighbors, rooms full of clogs, and a possible kidnapping. Oh, and did I mention Cone Cat?

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